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A Bold Approach to Future-Forward Oil Development

Turning underachieving assets into profitable, producing wells.

Lycos is an exploration, development and production company taking a bold and disruptive approach to the acquisition and development of overlooked, oil-weighted assets that can offer growth with compelling returns. Our team brings a track record of value creation and a long-term expansion strategy targeting a return-of-capital model.

Latest news releases from Lycos Energy.

Lycos Energy Inc. Announces Operations Update, 2023 Guidance and Organizational Update

APR. 03, 2023

Lycos Energy Inc. Announces Completion of Strategic Alberta Heavy Oil Acquisition

MAR. 01, 2023

Octozontal Wells

Generation 4 drilling technology, using multi-lateral, horizontal wells featuring eight-leg open hole drills...


The Fishbone

Minimizing surface footprint, while efficiently exploiting entire reservoir across the land base

Upholding a high standard of corporate responsibility

Our approach to doing business is centered around sustainability, the environment, accountability and a commitment to responsibility. These four values underpin the actions and decisions of all Lycos employees and are supported by our internal culture, policies, and procedures.